Sorare Announces “Second Division Europe” Scheduled For Fall

22 Aug 2022

Sorare Announces “Second Division Europe” Scheduled For Fall

. Sorare Announces "Second Division Europe" Scheduled For FallSorare, the global fantasy football game, has just announced "Second Division Europe", a new competition. The upcoming event features Spanish La Liga 2, French Ligue 2, EFL Championship, German Bundesliga 2, and more. The Sorare team announced the competition via its official Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) handle and Medium. Second Division Europe is all set to kickstart on August 26th, 2022 (i.e. Game Week 300). BIG News: A new competition called "Second Division Europe" is coming this fall! Also, starting Game Week 300, players in the following leagues will be scored in Sorare: Football 2. Bundesliga La Liga 2 Serie B Ligue 2 Championship pic.— Sorare (@Sorare) August 19, 2022Sorare Second Division Europe: What’s It About?As mentioned earlier, the competition features Spanish La Liga 2, Italian Serie B, French Ligue 2, German Bundesliga 2, and EFL Championship. Second Division Europe will be rolled in the Fall, and the managers will be notified about the exact schedule. The team for the competition should have players from the second division of Champion Europe leagues.Here are the prerequisites for Sorare’s upcoming competition:The event will have five modes: Limited, Rare, Rare Pro, Super Rare, and Unique. To participate, players will need 5 cards to play any of the modes. For each mode, the card combination is different. Here’s what it looks like:As far as rewards are concerned, players will receive Second Division Champion Europe starters and regulars. It should be noted that Championship players will not be eligible to enter Challenger Europe. They can participate only in Second Division Europe competitions moving forward. Apart from this, the official announcement also mentioned that Second Division cards are eligible for global competition. This includes competitions like Global All-Star, Global Under 23, Specialist, Underdog, and Special Weeklies.What is Sorare?As mentioned earlier, Sorare is a fantasy football game (now also has MLB) that features collectible NFTs. The non-fungible tokens in the game are officially licensed and can be bought, sold, or traded.Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the game was developed in 2018. Players take on the role of a team manager and put together a strong team. Rewards are earned through participation in virtual competitions, card trading, and more. On the FlipsideSorare often gets criticized for high entry costs. For example, players try to buy the best or popular player cards, which are expensive. Further, a card’s value is attached to the real-world player. So if the player gets injured or doesn’t play, the card’s value drops.Why You Should CareFor football fans, Sorare has often proved to be a good long-term investment. Several players on Reddit commented that they had satisfactory earnings through Sorare. "I’ve been playing since December and it’s really good. Easy way to earn eth (0.04 per week roughly). The prize structure is changing to allow more cards to be won which can be worth a lot more," commented a Reddit user.You may also like:12 Football Club Fan Tokens to Consider in 2022Continue reading on DailyCoin

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