The Sandbox Invests $1.7M in INDEX GAME to Improve Metaverse Experience

22 Aug 2022

The Sandbox Invests $1.7M in INDEX GAME to Improve Metaverse Experience

The Sandbox Invests $1.7M in INDEX GAME to Improve Metaverse ExperienceINDEX GAME, a metaverse agency, has received an investment of about $1.7 million from The Sandbox. The announcement was made via Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and other official social media handles. Marking the occasion of their first anniversary, INDEX GAME received the million-dollar investment. "The Sandbox is investing up to US$1.7 Million to continuously support INDEX GAME’s exceptional development in the metaverse, NFTs, GameFi and Web 3.0 to create play-to-earn content that expands the possibilities of the interconnected virtual realm," The Sandbox [email protected]sandboxgame BECOMES THE KEY SIGNIFICANT SHAREHOLDER FOR @indexgame NOWWith a total investment of US$6 Million in total by 2023, The Sandbox will provide us an exclusive collaboration and high-quality #metaverse ecosystem. Thank you all for joining our Press Conference pic.— Index Game (@Indexgamehk) August 22, 2022What Is INDEX GAME?INDEX GAME is a metaverse agency based in Hong Kong. The team is led by Becky Wong and Joe Lau. INDEX GAME is the first Hong Kong-based agency to be appointed by The Sandbox to develop experiences. Established just a year ago, INDEX GAME has grown manifold and has over 30 staff members since its inception. The game studio expanded as a metaverse agency under the incubation of The Sandbox. Interestingly, it is also the first agency in Hong Kong to receive investment from The Sandbox. As mentioned in the official announcement, the investment can increase to $6 million by 2023. Further, the investment deal has made exclusive arrangements for IPs created during the collaboration. What Experiences Has INDEX GAME Created in The Sandbox?Since its inception, INDEX GAME has partnered with more than 15 popular brands and IPs in Hong Kong. In The Sandbox metaverse, the studio has created Adrian Cheng, Sun Hung Kai & CO, Hang Seng Bank, Fine Art Asia, and many more projects. Some of the best experiences in The Sandbox include:Kowloon Walled City: the City of Darkness on 1970s in Hong KongGO!GingerOnion 5**College from Hang Seng BankHong Kong Star Ferry PierHanjin Music Palooza: The Monstrous Multicolor Guitar featuring Chinese musician Hanjin TanWhat Is The Sandbox?The Sandbox is a virtual sandbox metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can enter the metaverse, create voxel art, experiences, games, and more on their land. These creations can be monetized and players can earn SAND rewards by participating in events, hosting events, and much more. Since its creation, The Sandbox has partnered with several brands, celebrities, IPs, and more. Recently, Paris Hilton, Gordon Ramsay, Playboy, Ubisoft’s Rabbids, Snoop Dogg, and more have made their metaverse debut with The Sandbox.On the FlipsideThe Sandbox’s popularity keeps on rising, and collaborations with celebs, brands, artists, and IPs only add to the fame. However, several users have pointed out that for beginners, The Sandbox is hard to understand and navigate. "This is my observation as a newcomer. I’m most certainly not saying that Sandbox is a bad game/idea, on the contrary, it’s a very good initiative for this type of game and system. But overall, there is a lot of information garbage floating around about Sandbox, which makes everything extremely hard to understand by a newcomer," a Reddit user commented. Why You Should CareThe Sandbox has just given a sneak peek of its upcoming Alpha Season 3 and it has promised over 90 experiences. Taking INDEX GAME on board, the metaverse is looking forward to building and delivering high-quality experiences to its users. You may also like:The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Brings Crazy Summer Vibes to the MetaverseContinue reading on DailyCoin

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